The Crystal transformation is the least elaborate transformation sequence. Kanata holds out her hands, already having her hair and eyes changed back, a Crystal forms around her and the Crystal breaks, creating her outfit.


Kanata comes into focus after activating the badge and her hair, eyes, and height change. Kanata's nails become red and she spins in red roses and fire. Her head comes into focus, and a rose petal passes by, blocking Kanata' from view for a split second, and Kanata is seen again in her hair accessories. Her entire body is shown and the red energy on her body settles and becomes her outfit.


Kanata activates the badge and comes into focus, her height has changed, and her eyes turn blue. Kanata's previous hair accessories are destroyed, putting her hair down. Kanata blows black dust at the camera and then the dust forms he outline of her outfit. Kanata reaches upwards, grabbing her hat and putting it on. Kanata spins and the black dust blows off the outline of her outfit, completely forming the outfit. Kanata then poses.

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