Kanji ジュリィ
Romaji Jurī
Personal Info
Hair ColorPale Mint
Eye ColorPale Purple
Home PlacePriPara
PriPara Goddess
Idol Info
Favorite Brand(s)Rosette Jewel
Idol TypeUnknown
Voice ActressReina Ueda

In order to do a Kami Challenge, you need to make your characters bond with Jewlulu first. Please go to Ivanly's wall and RP with Jewlulu before doing the Kami Challenge.

Note: Please keep the fact that Jewlie and Jewlulu are the same person a secret from my characters for now ^^ Thanxxx~

Jewlie is one of the original characters in the series. She appears to idols during a Kami Challenge, and gives them Super Cyalume Rare Coords after it finishes. Her brand presumably Rosette Jewel. This character is RPed with Ivanly912.


Jewlie has long pale mint hair and her eyes are pale purple and pale mint colored. She wears a gold heart on her forehead, similar to Faruru and wears the Kami Coord, which is also the prize for winning the Divine Idol Grand Prix.


Note: RP Jewlie only, not canon one

She is a carefree and kind goddess who is quite busy, but tries to make time to spend with SHiMer. She also doesn't seem to mind when someone speaks to her casually.

Significant Coords


Mizuki Hoshizora - One of her teammates in SHiMer.

Shion Todo - One of her teammates in SHiMer. She calls Shion "mum" even though no one knows why.

Hikari Todo - One of her teammates in SHiMer. Hikari is a little bit jealous of Shion and Jewlie's close relationship, but rarely shows it.

Chiharu - One of her teammates in SHiMer. Jewlie and Chiharu's mother are good friends, and they have met each other several times before in PriParis. They are good friends.


  • She is the very first known canon Kami Idol in the anime series.
  • The coord she wears in her visual is presumably the Kami Coord, so it is possible her preferred brand is Rosette Jewel. However, this has yet to be confirmed.
  • It is confirmed that Jewlulu is Jewlie in Episode 94.
    • She shares her voice actress with both her and Ajimi Kiki.
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