She has orange curly hair in side ponytail like Junon's. She has purplish blue eyes inside pripara. Outside, she has long brown straight hair with hazelnut coloured eyes.


She talks less to strangers, even to her classmates all the time. In breaks, she always sits at her seat and draws pictures. She is friendly and quite clumsy and she is acting she is strong and cool all the time.


Akari Ozora: Juna's best friend when she was a kid. They always played together at that time but when they grew elder, Juna talks less to her.

Hamire Harune: She always tried to comfort Juna when she was sad. Hamire is Juna's cousin and Hamire will visit and go to Pripara often.

May Ueda: May brought Juna to Pripara after Juna's birthday party because she received a Pri-ticket during the party. May has recevied the Pri-ticket at the same time too.

Kiratori Minwa: She guides Juna inside Pripara and later they became teamates.


She has less friends but she felt lonely and she is finding some.

She is making her own brand 'Butterfly Bush' before she create her own brand she used Rosette Jewell and Holic Trick.

She is the centre of her unit,Fanstasy Butterfly which the other two members are Kiratori and Hamire.

Juna Christame

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