Kanji 純子
Romaji 純子
Personal Info
SpeciesHuman, Alternate existence
BirthdaySame as Sayaka
ZodiacSame as Sayaka
Blood TypeSame as Sayaka
Hair ColorBrown
FamilySayaka's Family

Bringer of Despair (former)

Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Kawaii DESTROY
Favorite Brand(s)Baby Monster Crush
Idol TypeCool

Junko is the main focus of The 2nd arc of Min'na Tomodachi! Junko was the one behind Symphonia and the alternate existence of Sayaka Yamabuki. Junko is at Sayaka's height. Since they don't have knowledge of being the same person, Sayaka often fights against her. She exists separate from Sayaka. Her favorite brand is Baby Monster Crush.

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