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Kanji かのん
Romaji Kanon
Personal Info
Blood TypeTBA
Hair ColorMagenta with a Light Lavender streak
Eye ColorTeal
FamilyLaala Manaka - Sister
Home PlaceTBA
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Charisma and GIRL☆Yeah!
Favorite Brand(s)Rosette Jewel
Idol TypeLovely

Kanon (かのん) is an original main character of the series, PriPara. She is a lovely type idol whse main brand is Rosette Jewel. She is a member of Triangle and a member of an upcoming lovely unit.

She is currently used by Masterhands-paper


Kanon has teal eyes and magenta hair which is tied into a puffy ponytail resembling a flower from a low angle. She has a lavender streak in her hair which resembles the number 1


She's a sweet girl that really loves singing and dancing. She appears to be a fan of SoLaMi SMILE and Dressing Pafe, but also wants to beat them, particularly her elder sister Laala

She uses the word "chou" (meaning "super") a lot in her speech.

Significant Coords

Regular Coords


  • Peaceful Days SSR Card Coord (from IM@S-SS Uzuki Cards) - Random Coord Visual


  • Her nickname is "The Super Cute Flower Girl"
  • She was the third member of Triangle to debut.
  • Her catchphrase is "Kanopero".
  • She was revealed to be Non Manaka in Episode 98 of the canon series.
  • It was revealed in Episode 98 that Non modeled her after Laala, Falulu, Mikan and all the Lovely-type PriPara idols.

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