Kira Starshine
Kanji キラスタシャイン
Personal Info
BirthdaySeptember 1st
Hair ColorDark red
Eye ColorPink
FamilyNatsumi, Mimi (younger sisters)

Hoshizora (younger cousin)

Home PlaceIris World
OccupationStudent, idol
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Absolute Life of a Final Show Girl
Favorite Brand(s)Twinkle Ribbon (?)
Idol TypeApparently lovely
 Kira Starshine is a Lovely-type idol who prefers the brand Holic Trick, but Meganee chose Twinkle Ribbon. Kira is Sakura and Mimi's "oneechan".

User: Hanako Inoue


Kira appears as a calm, mature person who only focuses on fans and idol work, but is in truth a klutz.

Kira would do anything for Natsumi, and as a result they're really close.


Kira has a fair complexion with sparkling, raspberry eyes. Her dark red hair is long, going past her waist with short parted bangs and forelocks to frame her face. She has a small curled cowlick.

She normally wears mature attire that is very fancy and normally includes high heels.


Casual- Pink Autumn Leaf Coord

Cyalume- Mystery TR Cyalume Coord

Out of PriPara- White Pearl Coord


Starshine's Family & Shine Shiroumi: They are super-close and are always together.


  • Along with Michiko Manaka, the two of them participated in PriPara Producers Power (PPP) on PriPara Wiki.

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