Kirara Bokerdole
Kanji きらら ぼけrどぇ
Romaji Kirara boke r do ~e
Personal Info
AgeEstimated about 2-5 months
Hair ColorVocal Doll Green
Eye ColorSilver with some sky blue
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Miracle Paradise
Favorite Brand(s)Marionette Mu
Idol TypeLovely
Voice ActressPile
SingerWaka From STAR ANIS (Not Wakacchi XD)

Kirara is a Vocal Doll, who uses the brand Marionette Mu and was a prototype that later became Falulu. However, when Falulu was finished, she was sealed in her ticket. She isn't aware that she was a prototype for Falulu.


She has pale skin, bright green hair that is styled in twintails and a matching shade of eyes.



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