Kireina Tsugihoshi
Kanji きれいな 次星
Romaji Kireina Tsugihoshi
Personal Info
Birthday1 April
Blood TypeA
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorMagenta
OccupationStudent at PriPara Idol Academy
Student at Paprika Private Academy
First AppearanceEpisode 258 - Happy Bunny! It's My Debut!
Idol Info
Favorite Brand(s)Easter Bunny
Idol TypeLovely

Kireina Tsugihoshi (きれいな 次星 Tsugihoshi Kireina?) is a student at PriPara Idol Academy and she is a 5th grader in Paprika Private Academy. She is a lovely-type idol who uses the brand Easter Bunny. She debuts in Episode 258.

She is Sprinkle's first and main character.


Kireina has long brown hair and magenta eyes. She likes to wear bunny ear accesories.


At Paprika Private Academy, Kireina is a cheerful person. She is the most popular in her school because of her kindness. She was bullied by her friend, but she doesn't even care about it. She even said, "She is still my friend".

But at PriPara Idol Academy, Kireina is a crazy person. She often screams there.



  • Kireina - Kireina means beautiful.
  • Tsugihoshi - Tsugihoshi can split into two parts. Tsugi means Next, Hoshi means Star (Next Star).

Significant Coords

  • Cloudy Blue Coord - Her Casual Coord.
  • Easter Bunny Cyalume Coord - Her Cyalume Coord.



  • Her dere type is Deredere.
  • Her favorite color is blue.
    • She often wear blue clothes when going somewhere.
  • She loves to play video games.
  • Her favorite animals are bunnies, kittens, and birds.
  • Her rank is Idol Egg, Student Class.
  • As seen on Episode 295, she loves to write fan fictions.

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