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Klara Chaticon
Klara Katarimoto

Casual and Cyalume | SCR KlaraNew

Kanji クララボーカドール
語本 クララ
Romaji Kurara Bokerudoru
Katarimoto Kurara
Personal Info
BirthdayDecember 25th
Hair ColorCyan (formerly)
Light Teal
Eye ColorGray
Home PlaceSwitzerland (Formerly)
Idol Info
Favorite Brand(s)Symphonata! (brand)
Marionette Mu (Initial)
Idol TypeCool
Voice ActressKozakura Etsuko
Klarchen! Klarchen! Cute And Perfect! That's Me, Klara, desu!

Katarimoto Klara (語本クララ) is a Cool type idol and a member of Prism Force. Her main color is gray (    ). She is a member of the duo unit, SunRiSe! along with Sango.


Klara is the daughter of the wealthy Katarimoto clan. She and her friend Sango formerly resides in Switzerland until they moved to Japan to find a better school.


Klara has medium-length, light teal wavy hair with her bangs and forelocks blending in with most of it. On the side of her head is a single braid. She has sharp grey eyes.


Klara has an abrassive and prideful personality who would always boast about her wealth. She has a competitive spirit, eager to win in almost everything and can throw tantrums whenever she fails. Thanks to Sango, she was able to change slightly. She views Sumire as her eternal rival and won't loose to her in any competition involving them.

Hobbies and Skills

Klara enjoys drawing and creating homemade DIY projects. She is the president of the Arts Club in her school. She also enjoys shopping as she goes to malls very often. Because of her love for fashion and art, she was able to mix and match different coord pieces for her friends.

Klara is also in charge of the costume designs as a member of Prism Force. Though most of their coords are designed by Usagi, she would nominate some designs to her and bring them to life.

Idol Data

Date Live Name Notes
October 15, 2016 Klara's Debut Live Solo

Brand Coord Name Notes
Symphonata! Disk Chord Cyalume Coord Cyalume Coord
Symphonata! Swiss Rose Coord Halloween Coord
Symphonata! Super Cyalume Klara Coord Super Cyalume Coord (Soon)

Type Making Drama Notes
Cool Alpine Tea Party Dreaming Initial Making Drama


Katarimoto (語本): Katari (語) means language while moto (本) means book.

Klara (クララ): Variation of the name Clara, more common in Germany and the male form of Clarus, meaning clear, bright, or famous.


  • Originally, Klara was to retain her VocalDoll status but because of her grown character development and recent seperation from PriPara, she was given a full human status.


Official Art

Drawn Screenshots
  • Klara showing the event info via her PriPass.

2016 08 10 041032

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