Koji Tomoe
Kanji 孤児ともう
Romaji Tomoe Koji
Personal Info
BirthdayOctober 8
Blood TypeO
Hair ColorGold
Eye ColorSapphire
FamilyYuki Tomoe (Brother)
Home PlaceHis apartment

Actor University Student

Idol Info
Favorite Brand(s)Brilliant Prince
Idol TypeCeleb
Voice ActressKanata Hongo

Koji is Yuki Tomoe's older brother. He is 19 years old and an extremely popular actor. Ironically, he took his little brother's Language Arts Class. He also uses magic to make people fall in love with him, but some people are immune.


Koji is a tall and handsome individual with dirty blonde hair and dark blue eyes. He is usually seen in his school uniform.


A member of the influential Hīragi family. He, along with Yuki, were the soul survivors of a disaster which killed the Hīragis. After this, Yuki changed his legal name to Yuki Tomoe.


  • He attends an acting university near Parajuku.
  • His personality, often uses curse words and passion for acting are based on his real life counterpart.
  • His hobbies include sleeping, taking care of his sugar glider, telling everyone lists of his and his brother's mental problems, breaking out into random monologues, and being nocturnal.
  • He has low vitamin D levels.
  • He is said to make the weirdest faces when he is with small children...
  • He’s no longer in use after the death of his real life counterpart.