Idol: Kotori Bokerdole

Coord: Fancy Unicorn Coord

Cyalume Coord: Marionette Mu Amethyst Cyalume Coord

Song: Birth of Love (Mermaid Melody)

Meganee: Scan the appropriate number of MyTickets for your coord.

Coord Change Start!

Meganee: Kotori is starting off her idol career with a colorful and cute coord.

Kotori: Fancy Unicorn Coord, Koto!

Kotori: Hi everyone! I'm Kotori, and I hope everyone enjoys my show today!

(Kotori sings with the Prism Voice, however, unlike the others, she knows she is singing with it)

Ai to yume ga
hitotsu ni nari
Kanashii "ima" o
hoshikuzu ni shite
Kureru kara shinjite..

In order to make everyone smile...

Umareta koto
hokori ni shite
Tsuyoku hikaru
tenshi no you na
Manazashi o
kumorasenai de

This feeling, I want to deliver it to everyone!

Kono chikara
yume no tame ni
Kaseru nara
umarete yukitai no
Ai ni naritai..

Making Drama, Switch ON!

Kotori is walking inside a forest, and she finds an egg with a snowflake design on it. She picks it up and it begins to hatch. Yuuki pops out and flies around Kotori. Yuuki then lands on a branch and starts singing, and calls other birds. They all begin to fly around Kotori and placing flowers on her. Kotori then grows wings and she and the birds start flying towards the sky. Fly to Tomorrow! Oozora Jump!

Cyalume Change! The Marionette Mu Cyalume Coord starts glowing in different colors

Kono chikara
yume no tame ni
Kaseru nara
umarete yukitai no
Ai ni naritai..

Kotori: Thanks everyone! Buckle up your seat belts, this budding idol is going to take you to tomorrow!

The audience cheers.

Meganee: Sugoii! Kotori is gaining lots of likes! She has ranked up to Major Class! This is the first time this has ever happened! Oh? Kotori's Cyalume Charm is turning pink! Pink means lovely. Kotori is a lovely type idol!