Coords: Thorny Rose Basket Coord (Yuki), Sweetie Rose Basket Coord (Flora), Calm Rose Basket Coord (Chae Kyoung)

'Song: Sad Little Angel

Chae Kyoung: We celebrity can't lose!

Flora: That's why I decided on natural type coords for our performance.

Yuki: We'll win for sure!

Sad Little Angel Lyrics~

(Guitar Solo)

Flora: Blocked...

Chae Kyoung: Confined...

Yuki: Alone...

Chae Kyoung and Yuki: Waiting for those eyes!

Flora: Solitude!

Yuki: Raised in The fire of regrets...

Chae Kyoung: Imprisoned In her own shadow

Flora and Chae Kyoung: Whatever dreams she had where broken by a selfish desire

Yuki: Soon... She'll break in the bittersweet fever!

Everyone: At last the sad little angel sings in a tired voice... She screams in pain... Trying to escape

Everyone: Crying... A child that should be happy cries... Forever a sad little angel!

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