Before the Live


*one shadow begins to walk on the stage*

???: Welcome to our debut live!

*a second shadow begins to walk on the stage too*

???: We are glad to see so many people here today.

*a third shadow begins to walk on the stage too*

???: Are you ready to see a brandnew stage? Oh right! We haven't introduce ourselves yet!

*The lights return and the public see the three people on the stage and began to be wild*

???: Third light, the light of the nature... Midorikaze Fuwari! Mememe-hihihi!

???: Second light, the light of the sea... Shiratenshi Hime! Thank you for be here minna! And thank you also for buy my mangas ,the last is...

???: First light, the light of the burning fire... Hikawa Kazumi! Thank you minna! May the red star shines upon you!

Kazumi & Hime & Fuwari: Today we'll shine here as a unit... the LUX's.

*the crowd goes wild*

Coord Change

Meganee: Scan the amoderate mount of PriTickets, Coord change start! Omedetou! For your first debut live! Your coord that you'll use is the sign of your friendship!

Kazumi & Hime & Fuwari: LUX's coord!

Live Start!

Song: Start line!

All the three: Dreams are meant to be fulfilled, not to be dreamed away, don't misguide your want to make them shine, this is the... START LINE!

*a strange aura begins to appear on the stage as Kazumi begins to shine of a bright red ruby color, Hime of sapphire blue one and Fuwari of a green emerald one*

Kazumi: Should you find yourself lost and stuck at a crossroad, simply close your eyes and listen to your heart's voice

Hime: It will guide you with the words, "Never give up", as you go forth and aim for the world that you saw

Fuwari: It's so boring trying to be like someone else, our uniqueness is a miracle that grants us

All the three: Wings to fly! Dreams are meant to be fulfilled, not to be dreamed away, don't misguide your want to make them shine

All the three: *begins to walk to the stage, shining with a marvelous jewel aura*


*The LUX's are now angels that are flying to bring happiness to the people, they flow in their hands and the wind is trasforming in rubies, sapphires and emeralds*

All the three: The jewels of happiness!

Kazumi: Ruby for the passion.

Hime: Sapphire for the creativity.

Fuwari: Emerald for the gentleness.

All the three: Which do you pick?

All the three: CYALUME CHANGE!!!!

*they changed on their cyalume coord*

Fuwari: Because regret is definitely unbecoming of your features

Kazumi & Hime: So release your inhibitions and take off for the

All the three: START LINE!

Fuwari: Now look up 

Kazumi: As this chance is waiting for you!

*crowd get wild*

All the three: Thank you very much!

The one who was right from the begin was Hibiki, sorry Hanako and Hilulu :P, but let's just say that you two might be right... You'll discover why soon.

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