At Laala's house 9:00 am, they have so many costumers(busy)

person: 1 whole pizza please!

Laala: kashikoma! Mama! Pizza over here please ^^

Himeka: coming right up!

Non: onee~chan I'll help you!

Laala: arigatou nee!

one by one person: pizza here! Salad here! Etc. Here!

Non and Laala: kashikoma!

1 hour later a celebrity car just arrive in front of the manaka house and then meganii came out of the car,he open the back door suddenly Furanzu came out about 200-300 people wants to see Furanzu.

people: Furanzu ibara? The prince of pripara? Son'na this is the first time I'm seeing him! Other people; sugoii he's so cool awesome handsome and......sugoii!

some girl: FURANZU~SAMA! I love you!

Laala: ehh? Furanzu? *blushes*

Non: Onee~chan? What's the problem? Do you have any relationship to him?

Laala: no! I-i can't tell you

Non: nani?

Mr. Manaka: sugoii! Furanzu is coming here *nervious*

Himeka: eh?

Furanzu walks manaka's house gently

Furanzu(blue): yoroshiku Mr. and Ms. Manaka

Mr. And Mrs. Manaka: yoroshiku Furanzu~sama *nervious* *bows their head*

Furanzu(blue): Can I speak with Laala?

Himeka: she's right there please have a seat I'll call her for you ^^

Some people: Sugoii! His voice is so sugoii! I never imagine that.... xD hey Please don't shout I'm gonna die xD

all girls watching: Furanzu!!! ~Sama! We love you! XD

Furanzu(blue): thank you very much Mrs. manaka *seats gently*

Himeka: Laala! Furanzu~sama wants to see you!

Laala: *nervious* C-coming! *goes to furanzu*

Furanzu(blue): its nice to see you my princess

Non: *shocked* hime?

Laala: I-its nice to see you too Pu-purinsu~sama Ka-kashikoma

Every people: Laala? Is Furanzu~sama's hime?

girl: son'na ^^" but she's just only 10 and Purinsu~sama is 15 he-he's too old ^^"

Furanzu(blue): Mr and Mrs Manaka,can I speak with you In private?

Mr and Mrs manaka: Wa-wakarimashita

In private room

Furanzu(blue): i love your Daughter, I want to marry her. I'll do anything to protect her..

Himeka: Laala? You W-want to M-marry her? W-what do you think? *to mr manaka*

Mr. Manaka: I-i y-e-s *fainted*

Himeka: but she's just too young

Furanzu(blue): once I marry her she will......*furanzu says everthing*

Mr and Mrs manaka: wakarimashita

goes out of the private room then Furanzu walks to Laala and says

Furanzu(blue): my princess please accept this coord and go to pripara at 12:00 pm I'll be waiting.

Laala: this coord? Chotto matte!

meganii: meganee's mission is done my lord let's go back now

Furanzu(blue): ok let's go

all the country and the city's big tv

Meganee: Min'na-san please enter to pripara. A special event will start at 12:00pm

girl: puripara? Special event? What is it!! I don't wanna miss this!

girl: ya! Me too! Let's go now so we can see this event!

girl: good idea best friend!

  • Billions of idols came to pripara and the others are waiting to watch the miracle even
Meganee: oh my! 100% world wide is gonna watch this!

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