Idol: Layla Kaguya Song: Lonely Gravity from Aikatsu Coord: Witch Moon Coord

Coord Change

Please scan the right amount of PriTickets, you may also scan your Friends Ticket. Coord Change Start!!

Meganee: And for a girl under the night, the coord will help her shine bright in the dark

Layla: Witch Moon Coord, tsuki


Lonely Gravity

Makkuro na "palette" ni chiribameta Hikari tachi, sono hitotsu, koishige ni mawaru

Nagareboshi to issho ni, doko ka ikitai Itsumade koko ni ite, itsumade hitorikiri Kazoe kirenai toki ga, sugita aru hi Kirari, nanika hikatta, boku ni, chikazuite kita Kasokudo mashiteku, jiten, wasuresou

Making Drama Switch On

Layla is under a starry sky and starts connecting the starts forming a constelation. She continues drawing until she creates a picture of her under a moon.

Art Under The Starry Sky

Cyalume Change

Layla Cyalume Changes into the Midnight Cyalume Charm Coord

Kimi to me to me ga ai, furafura, kidō ga zure ta yōna ki ga suru Kimi ga taikiken ni Diving Now furueta boku no "heart" Kimi wa hikareta no kana, "miracle" boku no "gravity" Dokidoki suru boku no "heart", michi to no sōgū da "Hajimemashite" kara da

Lonely Gravity

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