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Layla Chaticon
Layla Kaguya

Casual and Cyalume | SCR LaylaNew

Kanji 夜矢零欄
Romaji Kaguya Reira
Personal Info
BirthdayJanuary 27
Blood TypeAB
Hair ColorViridian
Cyan (Glowing)
Eye ColorBlue
FamilyGrandmother Kaguya
Home PlaceTokyo
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Princess Kaguya Says "Forward"
Favorite Brand(s)Symphonata! (brand)
Holic Trick (Initial)
Idol TypeCool
Voice ActressWada Ayaka
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Kaguya Layla (夜矢零欄) is a Cool type idol and a member of Prism Force. Her main color is viridian (    ). She is a member of the duo unit, Skrabble along with Ichigo.


Layla's parents were unknown so she lives with her grandmother in a hut hidden by the trees. She comes from a long line of ninjas and is required to train as one under the guidance of her grandmother. Despite being a rookie when it comes to using ninjutsu, she was actually able to master the field within weeks. Her ninja training is quite strict and her life is full of "don'ts" and lack of exposure to the modern world.

When she reached her tenth year, her grandmother decided to expose her to the outside world by making her attend a regular school and make friends, as long as she continues to train daily.


Layla has dark blue, feminine eyes with a slant. Her long, dark viridian-colored hair is worn in a ponytail from the top of her head with a straightened bottom. Her short bangs and forelocks are straightened with a small curl on end.


Layla is a cheerful and friendly girl, which is quite a surprise since she never experienced being around with many people before. She still believes in childish things like Santa Clause and magic, which is because of the influence of picture books that she spent reading on her free time. She is also a typical tomboy, prefers wearing shorts or pants over skirts.

Hobbies and Skills

Layla is skilled at using ninjutsu and using typical ninja weapons, including daggers, katanas and shurikens. She is also good at most sports, like Mikan, and is part of the school's soccer team.

Idol Data

Date Live Name Notes
January 2, 2016 Layla's Debut Live Solo
January 28, 2017 Day After "Yesterday"! Layla's Birthday Live⚽ Solo
Birthday Live

Brand Coord Name Notes
Symphonata! Pretty Nightsky Cyalume Coord Cyalume Coord
Symphonata! Ninja Star Coord Halloween Coord
Birthday Coord
Symphonata! Super Cyalume Layla Coord Super Cyalume Coord (Soon)

Type Making Drama Notes
Cool Art Under The Starry Sky Initial Making Drama


Kaguya (夜矢): Yoru (夜) means night while ya (矢) means arrow. Kaguya can also refer to Kaguya-hime (かぐや姫), the main protagonist of the 10th century Japanese fictional prose narrative, The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter. Her moon theme can also come from the fact that Kaguya-hime is from the moon.

Layla (零欄): Pronounced as reira. Rei (零) is the Japanese kanji for zero while ran (欄) means a column of text (of a newspaper.


  • According to Layla herself, her hair glows only in the dark to give light. Many thought that she is not human because of this but is actually her signature technique.
  • She shares the same birthday as Gregor from Fire Emblem Awakening.


Official Art


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