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Lyra Adachi is a fourteen year old girl. She is a Natural type idol and her preferred brand is CoCo Flower. She is the cousin of Charolette Éclair, and a good friend of Allegra.

She is in a unit with Charolette and Allegra.

She's one of AutumnSapphire's main characters.

Character Appearance

Lyra has jet black hair that is tied into four parts. Two low pigtails, and two high pigtails. She has navy blue eyes. She wears a 'cheong sam' type of outfit,with a blue poofy skirt at the bottom. She has a treble clef symbol on the top right corner of her outfit. She wears black boots.


Lyra is a rather introverted person. She is shy, and doesn't speak up much. When excited or angry about something, she becomes less introverted and speaks up a little bit more.


Charolette Éclair: Her cousin. Lyra clings to Charolette a lot. They perform together as a unit.

Allegra: A good friend. Lyra takes dancing lessons with her. They perform together as a unit.


  • Lyra is very flexible, and is good at dancing.
  • Her theme is based on a picolo.
  • Her birthday is on Setember the 10th.