"Bonjour! I am Maria Espoir and I welcome you to my concert! Everyone ready!?" - Introduction to every concert

Maria Espoir

Outside Pripara | Inside Pripara Maria Espoir (Outside Pripara)

Kanji マリア・エスポワール
Romaji Maria esupowāru
Personal Info
Birthday4th August
Hair ColorBrown (Outside Pripara)

Purple (Inside Pripara)

Eye ColorGreen (Outside Pripara)

Purple (Inside Pripara)

FamilyAmethyst Espoir (older sister)


Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Dreaming Hope

Heart Illusion Love Star

Favorite Brand(s)Espoir Floral
Image Color
Voice ActressHickmanm
Maria Espoir (マリア・エスポワール Maria esupowāru?) is the main character of Pripara: Glistening Heart. She is a Lovely Type idol and her preferred brand is Espoir Floral. According to her manager, Hoshi, Maria has the legendary Dream Prism Voice.


Meeting Hoshi

Maria had just entered the world of Pripara. Looking around, she saw a animal-like creature wandering the plaza looking sad so Maria asked if the creature was okay. The creature introduced herself as Hoshi and told Maria that is she didn't find an idol to manage, she would be taken to the Mascot Prison. Maria then decided that Hoshi would be Maria's manager. Hoshi then agreed,

First Concert

After Hoshi became Maria's manager, she signed Maria up for her debut. Maria was even given her own song to learn. After hearing Maria sing, Hoshi realized that Maria the legendary Dream Prism Voice. The next day, Maria performed Dreaming Hope.


Outside of Pripara, she has long brown hair tied up into a side ponytail and green eyes. Her casual wear consists of a purple midriff baring sweater, a denim skirt and lilac flats.

Inside of Pripara, ...


Maria is a very friendly and kind girl who appears to be an angel. She is also very intelligent and always gets good grades. She is also very caring as she helped Hoshi find an idol to manage.


Maria has got many character songs that she performs in her live perfomances. These are: