Marionette Ballerina is a song sung by Madeline Sycamore for her PriPara debut.


Dancing eternally, don't you feel cold inside?

Your wooden heart beats as you've been dancing for years without rest

Marionette Ballerina

Don't you wish that you could dream?

Dancing eternally, trapped in your cage

And there's no way to escape

Marionette Ballerina

Rest your weary feet

Marionette Ballerina

How painful does it feel with every turn?

With every spin?

Aren't you afraid of one day being able to dance no more

Marionette Ballerina

Rest your tired feet

I know that they must have grown tired

Because you dance eternally

Marionette Ballerina


This song, like almost every song of Madeline's was written by SingMeloetta and is based on a faiytale, this one being based on The 12 Dancing Princesses.

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