Marionette Mu Cyalume Coord Klärchen Version is a recolor of the Marionette Mu Cyalume Coord and is used by Klara Bokerdole as her casual coord. It is from the brand Athletic Ranch.



A grey princess dress with a white and black cuff and design on the side of the sleeve. A large button of violet resides in the middle of the chest with a violet line going down each side and a ruffled white ribbon residing above it. The skirt is made of three, white ruffled tutu layers sewn beneath a violet peplum lined with silver designs to resemble Play, Stop, Fast-Forward, and Rewind buttons. Silver diamond gems hang from this layer, along with grey fabric strips with dots cut out and a trail of hearts going down the center strips. On each strip is a silver and violet heart design. A silver wind up key resides in the back. The user gains white opera gloves with silver detail.


White thigh-high boots with silver details and knee-pads. A grey and violet heart resides on each foot, while a grey ribbon lined with dark grey frills is sewn to the back of the ankle.


A silver tiara with a heart shaped in the middle, surrounded by a smaller pink gem heart. Also comes with a grey ribbon for either side of the head lined in dark grey.



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