Midnight Silky Heart Cyalume Coord is a recolor of the Silky Heart Cyalume Coord and is used by Hikari Todo.

Coord History

When Hikari reached Major Class, Mikan gave her the normal Cyalume Coord as a present. She didn't think the coord would fit her, but she didn't want to waste Mikan's present, so she decided to recolor it, and renamed the coord at the same time.




A dress with a white torso with a purple ribbon. there is a heart with wings near the center of the ribbon. There are short puffed sleeves with 2 layers lined with purple. There is a purple belt around the waist and a huge ribbon at the back. The skirt is composed of three parts. The first being a stripped top that is purple and white, the second layer being white pieces attached to the first layer with yellow hearts and dots below them, the third layer being a 2 pink pleated layers.


Purple boots with a yellow heart design going down the boots. At the tongue of each boot is a purple bow with angel wings and a bright red heart in the middle. It comes with purple stockings with white designs. The cuff is composed of violet hearts.


A pink orb with a heart attached to the side. There is an angel wing coming out of the orb.


Midnight Silky Heart Cyalume Coord
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