Miki Amano
Recolor for youuu XD
Kanji {{{katakana}}}
Romaji {{{romaji}}}
Personal Info
Blood TypeO
Hair ColorLime
Eye Color~
Home PlacePriPara Hills
OccupationPrism Star
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)1000% Kyun Kyun Sasete Yo
Favorite Brand(s)Candy Alamode

Candy Alamode More

Idol TypePop
Miki is a Pop Type Idol. She prefers Prism Shows over Lives. She likes Candy Alamode and Candy Alamode More. Her casual Coord is the Colorful Candy Coord. Her jumps are based around Candies.


  1. Pop Splash
  2. Gumball Spin Exetreme
  3. Happy Macaron Spin
  4. Stardust Candy Shower Perfect
  5. Shining Prism Hurricane MAXIMUM
  6. Aurora Rising Wish
  7. Aurora Sweets Rising
  8. Mune Kyun Cookies
  9. Eternal You May Dream
  10. Aurora Sweets Angel

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