Miki Kursu
Miki Kursu
Kanji 葛生 ミキ
Romaji Kuzuu Miki
Personal Info
BirthdayAugust 8
Blood TypeAB
Height149 cm
Hair Colormagenta
Eye Colorcrimson
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Reversible Ring
Favorite Brand(s)Silky Heart
Idol TypeLovely
Miki Kursu is a character created by Miram Masaka.

Original image by Ivanly912. (Link)


She is angelic, when she is excited or happy. However, shecan be as terrible as a devil too. She always is cheerful and glad to help others.


She has pink long hair in ponytail and orange eyes inside PriPara. Outside she is a different person. She has brown hair on her shoulder and reddish purple eyes.


Moa Hodo: Moa is Miki's cousin.Moa didn't like Miki a lot but later they became closer and good friends.

Naha Bokerdole: Miki's super good friend. When Miki told her some secrets, Naha wouldn't told the secrets to others.

Vinki Cenzeka: Miki's sister.They didn't even had a part look like. Miki is lovely but Vinki is pop but they have good relationships.


  • She loves to eat and she would eat 5 cakes(small ones)in a moment!
  • She is a social butterfly and she nearly can have a friend fast.
  • Miki owned a cat and it named Nana. Miki will go to PriPara with Nana too. Inside PriPara Nana became her manager.
  • She is a user of Silky Heart but sometimes she will use other brands.

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