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-Student Council's President, Haruka Shirogane

This is a list of all the RP episodes on the Min'na Tomodachi! roleplay board. This list is very outdated, so feel free to jump in and help edit! ^^

Season 1

# Title Featured Song Date of Creation
1 Everyone is an Idol, Everyone is a Friend!

Episode 001 - Everyone is an Idol, Everyone is a Friend!

N/A August 15, 2015
After Haruka and Kotori snapped their tickets, Shine Shiroumi, the mysterious Celeb idol without feelings, tries to perform a Making Drama to find a way to feel emotions. However things don't go as expected and a scared Shine closes herself from the world with no intention to try again...
2 Dendetsu no Saints!

Episode 002 - Dendetsu no Saints!

N/A September 18, 2015
3 On The Rooftop!

Episode 003 - On The Rooftop!

N/A September 19, 2015
4 Never Say Never

Episode 004 - Never Say Never

N/A September 22, 2015
5 My Past Is Not Today

Episode 005 - My Past Is Not Today

N/A September 22, 2015
6 Another World of Lives

Episode 006 - Another World of Lives

N/A September 23, 2015

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