Min Koizumi


Kanji 小泉 ミン
Romaji Koizumi Min
Personal Info
GenderGenderfluid (he/him)
BirthdayNovember 3rd
Hair ColorPale green
Eye ColorSky blue
OccupationIdol, Student
First AppearanceEpisode 247
Idol Info
Voice ActressMutsumi Tamura
SingerYuko Sanpei

"... Eh? M-me? Oh, er, I'm just- My name is Min Koizumi! I'm an idol! ... Actually, you could, er, probably guess that just by me being here..."


Min Koizumi is a student at PriPara Idol Academy. He is a natural-type idol and his preferred brand is Jade Mountain, though he also uses CoCo Flower from time to time.

Currently, he has not yet debuted.

He is Kawaras' main character.


Min has long, pale green hair that reaches his mid-torso. It fades into teal at the ends. He has blue eyes, fair skin, and is pretty average overall.

Outside of PriPara, the only major change in appearance is with his hair, which is shorter and plain green. Otherwise, he's pretty much exactly the same. His regular clothing style tends to be more reserved and dull, in contrast to his more colourful PriPara attire.


Min is kind of a shy violet. He doesn't like being put in new situations, which only adds to his shyness and general awkwardness. He tends to keep his thoughts to himself, and will only give his opinions if asked. Even then, that'd be a challenge.

Min also tends to ramble on about his various interests, and enjoys helping others. He tries his best, even in situations where most others would give up.


Kaede Miyake: The two met at a picnic, when Min fell from a tree. He think's it's pretty cool how she's a professional model breaking into the world of idols.

Mimi Kurumi: Min is super interested in how Mimi works! An idol who's a physical robot and not just a hologram is fairly new to him, plus she gives him lettuce for some reason. That's good enough for him.


  • Min has a fascination with robots. He thinks they're adorable. He makes a few outside of Pripara as a hobby, though they don't really do anything.
  • He doesn't really care whether you call him a boy or a girl. Most people mistake him for a girl, but he doesn't correct anyone due to his non-confrontational nature. Usually someone else has to do it for him.
    • Min's genderfluid, which means sometimes he feels more like a girl or a boy than other times. He generally goes by 'he' pronouns as it's more convenient.
  • He shares a birthday with Ajimi Kiki.
  • By Pretty Rhythm standards, Min would be an ethnic-type idol.
  • He has been described as a cinna-min roll.
  • His favourite vegetable is lettuce.