Miracle Bokerdole
Miracle Bokerdole
Kanji ボーカドールミラクル
Romaji Bokaadoru Mirakuru
Personal Info
Age18 (appearance and real age, as stated by herself)
SpeciesVocal Doll, Awakened Form
Hair ColorGreen
Eye ColorGreen
Home PlacePrism World
OccupationIdol, represents PriPara in the Prism World
First AppearanceEpisode 2 of Min'na Tomodachi! (mentioned by Naru)
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Miracle Paradise
Favorite Brand(s)Miracle Paradise (brand)
Idol TypePremium
Miracle Bokerdole was the first Vocal Doll to arrive in PriPara. She represents PriPara in the Prism World since she was awakened. She is a premium-type idol who uses the brand Miracle Paradise, which makes recolors of the original coords with the Paradise Coord's colors.

She can make Prism Lives during the Cyalume Change with a keyboard.


Miracle has a fair complexion with long flowing lime hair. Part of it is worn in a curled side-tail, held with a white star. Her eyes match.


She has got a senpai-like personality: she likes to help the new idols, and loves to give advice about PriPara.

Significant Coords

Casual/Cyalume: Miracle Paradise Rhythmic Cyalume Coord


Haruka Bokerdole: She really cares about her kouhai and believes in her.

SoLaMiDoresi>ng: She was revived during the Falulu Comeback Live even if they don't know. She is really grateful.

Naru Ayase: They met when Naru was still a Sparkling Student Class idol.

Love Tochiotome: Love is teaching Miracle how to play tennis.

June Amou: They met when June was still in the Prism World. She really wants to see June's PriPara form.

Akai Meganee (Prism Space one): They often chat about PriPara and other.


  • No one knows who found her PriTicket. However, she disappeared after someone else scanned it.
  • She is the oldest Vocal Doll.
  • She loves ice cream.
  • She loves animals.
  • Her theme song and favorite brand share her name except "Paradise".

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