Mirakuru Enjou
Kanji 演肇ミラクル
Romaji Enjou Mirakuru
Personal Info
BirthdaySeptember 25
Blood TypeB
Hair ColorPink
Eye ColorRed
FamilyItsuki Enjou (twin brother)
Home PlaceNext door to Beli
OccupationHigh School student


Idol Info
Favorite Brand(s)Coco Flower
Idol TypeNatural
Voice ActressKarin Isobe
SingerJun Shikano
Mirakuru Enjou is a sixteen year old teenage girl who goes to Renai High School. She has a twin brother named Itsuki Enjou. She is a Natural type idol who's brand is Coco Flower. This character is RP'd with GanbareHannahChan.


Mirakuru has long pink hair tied into buns. She has red eyes. She has an emblem hair clip in her hair that she adores.

In the PriPara world, she has a pink T-Shirt that shows a large dragon on it, much like her brother's, only it's pink. She wears blue jeans, and pink flip flops.

Her signature color is pink.


Mirakuru is lively and energetic. She and Itsuki are like peas in a pod as they like to hang out with each other a lot. She has a passion for dragons ever since she was little. When she was little, she loved dragons a lot more than sparkles and unicorns. She also had an unrealistic dream to become a dragon when she grew older.

She always follows everything Itsuki does. When he decides to become a male idol, she becomes a female idol in order to be with her brother. What she didn't know is that she ended up loving the idol industry which gave her a better reason to be a female idol than just to follow Itsuki.

She is the best at science out of everyone in the family. Her birthday is September 25.


Itsuki Enjou - Her twin brother.

Beli Yumenokawa - Her neighbor. She visits her from time to time.


Enjou: En (演) means performance, and jou (肇) means beginning.

Mirakuru: Mirakuru is the romanized word for "miracle".


  • She is the second Fire Emblem Fates avatar on this wiki who's single and doesn't have a crush, proceeded by Beli Yumenokawa.
  • She is the first OC by GanbareHannahChan to appear in PriPara Idol Academy but not AidoruPriPara.
  • According to her C support with Itsuki, she doesn't like her own brand.
    • Also according to the same C support, Mirakuru found her PriTicket underneath her pillow when she was sleeping.
  • She shares her singing voice actress with Gracia from Samurai Warriors.