Mirei Minami
Kanji 南みれぃ
Romaji Minami Mirei
Personal Info
Birthday01 October
Hair ColorBrown/Yellow
Eye ColorBrown/Blue
FamilyMr Minami (father)

Ms Minami (mother)
Azuki Minami (sister)

Home PlaceParajuku
OccupationIdol, Student
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Pe~rfect with Pri
Favorite Brand(s)Candy Alamode
Idol TypePop
Voice ActressYu Serizawa
Mirei Minami is one of PriPara's main characters. She is a pop type idol who uses the brand Candy Alamode. She is a member of SoLaMi♡SMILE. She is currently used by no one. Please notify an admin if you would like to use her.


Outside PriPara she has got brown hair styled in a ponytail and brown eyes with glasses, but inside PriPara she has got yellow hair (the style resembles cat ears) and blue eyes.


Outside PriPara she is the serious head disciplinary Minami-iinchou, but inside PriPara she is outgoing and finishes all her phrases with -pri, though sometimes she falls out of character. Her calculations are usually right. Her catchphrase is "Pop, Step, Get You!"


Laala Manaka - They're part of SoLaMi♡SMILE together. Mirei was the one who taught Laala about PriPara when she started, so they get along really well.

Sophie Hojo - They're part of SoLaMi♡SMILE together. They are best friends and it was hinted in the first episodes of the anime that Mirei admires Sophie but she's also a bit jealous of her.

Shion Todo - Shion holds a grudge against her ever since Mirei slapped her with a warning ticket, so they have a special rivalry. However, nowadays they seem to get along pretty well.

Dorothy West - They started off bad, but they are now friends who still fight occasionally. They were teammates in the Dream Team FriendAll.

Reona West - Even though they're rivals, they act friendly with each other. They were teammates in the Dream Team FriendAll for the Winter Grand Prix, but Leona became part of CelePara Opera Company during the Spring Grand Prix.

Falulu Bokerdole - Mirei helped revive Falulu in the Falulu Comeback Live and tried fixing "Falulu's Non".

Aroma Kurosu - Mirei had a few problems with her at first but now they're friends. They were teammates in the Dream Team SoLa♡Ageddon Mi.

Mikan Shiratama - They were teammates in the Dream Team SoLa♡Ageddon Mi.

Gaaruru - Mirei considers her as a good friend. Garuru was the one who made her want to be an idol again and showed her that putting effort into things isn't a waste of time.

RP only

Furanzu Ibara - Mirei seems to be so in love with him, sometimes she intends to skip doing her homework or and distract Sophie and Laala to allow Furanzu and Mirei to hang out privately.