Miyabi new visual
Kanji ミヤビ
Romaji Miyabi
Personal Info
SpeciesAI Program
GenderN/A (Programs don't have genders)
Hair ColorCyan
Eye ColorDark Blue
Home PlacePriPara
OccupationMental Health Councelling Program (MHCP)
Idol Info
Idol TypeStar
Miyabi (ミヤビ) is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) created by PriPara to survey the idols and find out ways to improve PriPara. She is directly connected to the system and thus the system can make her do impossible things, like a Dream Theater Live outside of the Dream Theater. Her true name is «Miyabi-MHCP001» (Mental Health Counseling Program 001).

Like Hilulu/Nagareboshi Bokerdole, if you do a team with her, you have an extremely high chance of winning.


Miyabi has a fair complexion and large, dark blue eyes. Her long sea-foam hair is worn in a side-tail made of two separate curling locks, one lighter than the rest of her hair, matching her forelocks. She has a thin body and often makes elegant or dramatic poses to accent her elegant rainbow butterfly theme.


Miyabi is a very quiet idol, who knows everything about PriPara. She can be mysterious and say strange things. The program has programmed her in a way, in which she must approach people who are having negative emotions and help them.

More TBA as I RP with her.

Significant Coords

Butterfly Goddess Coord - Casual and Cyalume


Mizuki Hoshizora - Miyabi monitors Mizuki's emotional health a lot and often cheers her up. She is currently the only girl who knows about Mizuki's past.


  • She is the first idol who is actually a program in the series.
  • The wings on her coord also allow her to fly but she hardly ever does it in front of people.
  • She is the first of Ivanly's characters to have a performance video made (Shion doesn't count since she's a main character).


(RECOLOR) PriPara - プリパラ - Charismatic GIRL☆Yeah! - Miyabi

(RECOLOR) PriPara - プリパラ - Charismatic GIRL☆Yeah! - Miyabi

Charismatic GIRL☆Yeah!