Idol:Miyuki Hanazaki

Coord:Small Devil Lime Coord

Cyalume Coord :Chao SoLaMi SMILE S Team Cyalume Coord

Song: Moon Night

Meganee: Scan the appropriate number of MyTickets for your coord.

Coord Change Start!

Meganee: Such a kawaii little devil

Miyuki: Small Devil Lime Coord haha

Miyuki: Konnichiwa minna san, my name is Miyuki Hanazaki, a member of Sweet☆Melody an aikatsu unit formed by me Sakura Mizuki Harlaown and Kotomi Midori, we will soon debut here in pripara, we're counting on all of you for your support.

Tonight I will open a door
Leading into the eternal night
Just give into me,the night isn't as scary as it seems
I promise that this is your destiny

Don't try and hide baby
As I will always find you

Making Drama switch on!!!!

Miyuki hops from flower to flower in a forest. The last flower closes up around her and transforms into a pair of fairy wings. The background has changed to field of flowers at night and the moon is full and high in the sky. Miyuki flutters her wings and flies up and .Her team mates Kotomi and Sakura join her. They fly up towards the moon with Miyuki shouting 'Lunatic Fairy Party!!'

Come and join the beauty of the night
And let the gentle moon become your guiding light
We will have never have to be apart, because our souls
Will live on for evermore
So come and dance with me, in the eternal night

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