"I'll protect you.. whatever happens, I'll always be by your side to make you smile"


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Kanji モフン
Romaji Moffūn
Personal Info
SpeciesCreature of the Garden of Light
Birthday30th of July
ZodiacLeo ♌
Height1'73 cm (Human Form)

0'40 cm (Mascot Form)

Hair ColorTourquise (Normal)

Blonde Sand (Kami Jewel)

Eye ColorDark Blue
FamilyLaura Hasegara (sister)
Home PlaceParajuku
OccupationIdol, Manager and President of M Group
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Hero
Favorite Brand(s)Pandora Hearts
Image Color
Voice ActressOno Kensho
Moffun (モフン) or Moffurun Albert William Frederic Tarōmaru Sadaharu Prince of the World (モフルン アルバート ウィリアム フレデリック ターマル セーダール プリンス オフ ス ウォールド) is a manager/pop-type Idol from PriPara Idol Academy. His favorite brand is Royal Clown.

He's the second character of Xesc13primero and the holder of the Pop Kami Jewel, an item from his series, Kirameki! Kami Jewels Serie.He's in a unit called H✰ppiness B♡uquet De♩uxe along with Seto Vessalius and Laura Hasegawa. His representitve color is Golden.


He's a pretty handsome young "teenage" althoguth he's 321 yeard old. He has slightly tanned skin, tourquise short hair with a curly bang and excited zairo blue eyes. He usually wears good looking and expensive clothes.

Mascot Form

He's a very cute mascot like a mix of a mouse-Dipodomys of cream colored flur with green spots, two dark blue orbed eyes and two big ears. He wears a crismon's royal cape, a crismon-gold little crown and a royal stick of the same colors as the crowns.

Kami Jewel

As pop kami jewel idol, his hair turns to a silver-rouge clear short hair with a left-side bang.


He can be very gentle and majestic but once you meet him more you will se he's prideful and childish. He loves make jokes in order to make people smile and tends to worry a lot about his friends if something happens tho he doesn't show it easy to them.

He's overprotective with the people he loves and he'll never let anyone hurt them. For him the first thing will always be his friends.

After the first arc he discovered the reason why he was moving until now and that was in order to make people smile and laugh, like he became Seto's pierrot in order to make him smile when he was young he would become someone able to make people smile.


Moffun was born in The Garden of Light as Laura Hasegawa's cousin. After her mother death from an incurable illness when he was still a little kid he was adopted by her mother's little sister, Cassandra and was raised to become the next king of The Garden of Light. Some years later, when Seto was born, the temple was attacked by creatures of The Abyss with the objective of kidnapping him but Moffun toke him and ran away throw the Abyss ending in the earth. So Moffun without knowing what to do left Seto in the house he was in front of and tried to ran away from the creatures of The Abyss, the one lost of view the objective, Seto Vessalius.

Then, he felll in the Earth some years later, when Seto was 4 and he turned to be the main servant of Seto in 17th century (XVII) at Slobozia, a city of Romania. He now remembers his past but there still some things he doesn't remember.

In the Meeting-Arc, he appeared after the awakening of Seto in the Ancient Temple of Promania. Laura and Seto went back to the temple in search for answers of what happened and who was Seto 'cause he didn't knew anything, nor he's name or who was he and they found a big Kami Jewel where Moffun came from after Seto touching it. Then at first he couldn't separate from Seto in order to protect him, he didn't know why but he felt like he had to protect him from something. Now after remembering everything all has sense.


Main Units

  • H✰ppiness B♡uquet De♩uxe: This is his main Unit formed along with Seto and Laura. They debuted in Parajuku for first time but they are already one of the most famous in Promania and West Asia.

Secondary Units

  • PENT✰GRAM: This unit was created 'cause the Ancient Kami Jewels. After the 5 holders made them shine they decided to make a unit.

Manager of

  • H✰ppiness B♡uquet: He was the one who tell Seto and Laura to do a unit when they forgave each other but he didn't thought it would be so famous.
  • Shiny Cl♣ver: He of course helped them and offered to be the manager of this unit 'cause Seto.
  • Seventh Rainbow: He was over-protective 'cause Seto so he decided to be the manager of the unit in order to be with him 24/7.

  • Seto Vessalius: They have mutual feelings for each other. Since Seto was little, he had take care of him and for him, Seto it's his most precious person.
  • Laura Hasegawa: She's his little sister and although they fight sometimes they're really get very well. After knowing they were brothers their relationship became more closer.
  • Alice: Their relationship is currently unknown.
  • Chikane Shirakawa: They seem to know each other from the past (s. XVII) when Seto was still a human.

  • He's the president of the M Group and manager of some units.
  • He ends his phrases with "-moffu" as a mascot.
  • As a president of a multinational, he can afford all what he,Seto or/and Laura wants. That's the reason why he have all one floor of the Deluxe Rooms in the academy.
  • He's always over~protective with Seto.
  • Althought he doesn't seem Pop type when little in the Past Arc, it's known he always tried to make Seto smile with jokes so he was like a jester for his sake.
  • Is revealed that he's Mr. W in Episode 341.
  • At first it was showed he was Laura Hasegawa's brother but at the end, it was revealed he's her cousin instant of brother.
  • Laura often calls him Onii-chan because she knows that bothers him.

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