Moonrising Flowers
Moonrising Flowers is a fanmade unit formed by Mikan Shiratama as the center, Yōsei Mizu, Hanasaki Sumire, Todo Shion and Hoshizora Mizuki. The group has now been permanently (?) disbanded.


The unit started in the early days of PIA but as some of the members start to mature, like Sumire, Mizuki and Mizu, they started doing less activities together. They were disbanded because of this but still consider each member as a friend.




Mikan Shiratama

Yōsei Mizu

Hanasaki Sumire

Todo Shion

Hoshizora Mizuki


  • Hello Hello Friend
  • Devi&An Reversible Ring


The Moon part comes from Mizuki's name, which means "beautiful moon". The Flower part comes from Shion's and Sumire's name. Shion is the name of a flower, and Hanasaki (hana) means flower. With Mizu representing the water which grow them, they hope to one day reach heaven (Mikan), which is also divine idolhood.