Performance Info

Idol(s): Moonrising Flowers

Song: Reversible Ring

Coords: Heart Love Angel Coord, Heart Eye Devil Chic Coord, Silk Vampire Coord

Coord Change

Please scan the right amount of PriTickets. You may also scan your Friends Ticket. Coord Change Start!!

For Hallowen, we'll first present our two lovely little angels ready to bless all audience

Heart Love Angel Coord

Mikan: Gelo

Mizu: Ikuyo!

Oh no, looks like our two devils are up for a no good curse for everyone

Heart Eye Devil Chic Coord

Sumire: Mimi

Mizuki: Min'na mo egao!

Our star today is the angelic Vampire. The neutral girl is here to judge this battle

Shion: Silk Vampire Coord, igo!

Color Code

Mizuki = Navy
Shion = Purple
Sumire = Lime
Mikan = Red
Mizu = Cyan
All 5 = Black


Sumire: Hello everyone and happy Halloween. Please elect me in the next presidential elections.

Klara (from the audience): You're not a politician!

Mizuki: Happy Halloween! Moonrising Flowers is back from hiatus and ready to deliver songs to you!

Shion: Let's all get fired up and get into the spirit of things!

Mikan: Gelo

Mizu: May the fair--- the angels visit you ^^

Shukufuku no kane ringon♪ akakute amai ringo
Hitokuchi kajireba hora kurakura mō toriko

Soko ni hizamazuke ware no tamashī ga
uzuki kawakidasu nanji no na wo yobu

Sasoimashou unmei no mukō
Yami to hikari mazaru konton

Reversible-Ring kusuriyubi ni mebiusu no yubiwa musubu
(Mizuki and Sumire together) Miwaku no debiru
(Mikan and Mizu together) Hohoemi no Enjeru
Futari otome wo shiruse

Airy Change! Cyalume Airy!
Ura to omote
Kimi to watashi
Ware to nanji
Itsuwari kisu

Reversible-Ring kusuriyubi ni mebiusu no yubiwa musubu
Kowagarazu ni
Mi wo yudane oide
Debiru enjeru
Debiru enjeru

Futari otome wo aise

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