Team: Moonrising Flowers


Lovely Go Princess Coord
Moonlight Azure Coord
Heartful Angel Coord
Rainbow-Colored Dream Coord
Rain Maiden Coord

Cyalume Coords

Sweet Plum Cyalume Charm Coord
Midnight Cyalume Charm Coord
Floral Bouquet Cyalume Charm Coord
Dolly Pink Cyalume Charm Coord
Melty Honey Cyalume Charm Coord

Song: Hello Hello Friend

Meganii: Please scan the appropriate number of My Tickets for your coord. You can also scan each other's Friend Tickets. The Dream Team Moonrising Flowers has been formed

Coord Change START!

Meganii: The Lovely Go Princess Coord matches Shion's personality perfectly. Lots of black and white!

Shion: Lovely Go Princess Coord! igo!

Meganii: The Moonlight Azure Coord gives off a mysterious but cute feeling. Perfect fit for Mizuki!

Mizuki: Moonlight Azure Coord! Minnamo egao!

Meganii: The simplest coord of the group, yet has got this magical vibe, just like Mizu!

Mizu: Rain Maiden Coord, ikuyo!

Meganii: The colorful Rainbow Colored-Dream Coord fits just right for the little blooming violet

Sumire: Rainbow Colored-Dream Coord, mimi

Meganii: The Heartful Angel Coord gives our angelic Mikan a more lovely angel look.

Mikan: Heartful Angel Coord, gelo

Everyone: Hello! We are Moonrising Flowers! Hope you enjoy our live!

Dream Theater Live Switch On!

Hello hello friend
Yowake yo
Nagareboshi kanaderuyo yume
Hello hello best friend!

Shion: Being on this stage, something feels different from lives as Dressing Pafe. What is it?

Wakanai wakari taku demonai
Naite (naite)

Mizuki: So this is a live! It's so much fun! I want to stay here forever!

Hitomi (hitomi)
mitsume mi to me aeruyo

Mikan: I want to give happiness to everyone especially to my best friend Aroma, nano

(ye-e-es) kininaru kara (ye-es)
kawari (komari)
Taiya (taiyo)
Tsuyoku omonda

Sumire: Standing on stage makes me feel more happy and ready to bloom

Raivaru dakedo (dakedo)
Daisuki dakara (dokido)
Doki doki
tachi tachi
Mune ni fushigi shigeki

Mizu: hwaaah... This feeling is different than when doing Prism Show... It's happier, yet mysterious... So magical!

Airy Change! Cyalume Fairy!

Hello hello friend
Nagareboshi kedaikeku future
Isshoniinara saikoo

Hello hello friend
PriPara na watashitachi
Daiyamondona kirameki
Mooto afureruyo
Ne ne?
Kira ra ra ra
Ra ra ra ra ra ra!

Mizuki: We'll outstrip the stars to come see you!

Shion: Let's igo!

Mizu: May the fairies come see you!

Sumire: It's Sumire on the flower field

Mikan: Yoroshiku, angel!

Note: Underlined happens during Airy Change. Bold happens during thoughts of character

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