"I'm a phantom thief, and I'm here to steal her, my dear Prince.

Mr. Mystery

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Kanji ミスターミステリー
Romaji Misutā Misuterī
Personal Info
AgeExact age unknown
8.000.000 (Clock Dimension time)
8 (Human time)
GenderGenderless (He/him)
Hair ColorBlue
Eye ColorBlue and red
Home PlaceClock Castle
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Pride
Favorite Brand(s)Mr. Mystery
Idol TypeRoyal Type (Celeb and Cool)
Voice ActressUser:Hanako Inoue
SingerUser:Hanako Inoue

Mystery is a new idol who came from Pritaly. He's a Royal Type idol, and the first idol with a Secret Type to arrive in Parajuku. His brand is Mr. Mystery, a brand he created himself. 

He is an android who was created to replace the Clock Princess Hiyori Kamiri as the holder of one of the Five Seals needed to keep the balance in the timelines.

Him, Haruka and Flower replaced the members Hibiki Shikyoin, Halulu Bokerdole and Falulu Vocaldoll of COLOR, in order to save them from Tenshi Bokerdole's plan. They're very close, even now, and are planning to become an unit.

He refers to himself as the Demon of Countless Masks, and a thief.


Mystery is a tall android with fair skin, spiky and short blue hair, a blue eye with a star inside and a red eye. This red eye is actually "blind", (or broken, him being an android) and it's said Mystery "lost" it during a fight with a Seal Holder in the Clock Dimension. However, not much is known about his past in that world. 

Mystery also has two purple horns, a pair of wings and a tail of the same color.

In PriPara, he wears the Royal Thief Coord as his casual coord, along with greenish-cyan fake earphones that don't connect to anything. His Cyalume Coord in all lives is the standard Mr. Mystery Cyalume Coord.

After forming Dream♦SPECTRUM, his Casual and Cyalume Coord will be the Mystery Brilliant Prince Cyalume Coord, a MR Coord from the arcade.

As a student of PriPara Idol Academy, he doesn't wear his uniform, often getting punished by Shine, who seems to dislike him.


Not much is known about Mystery, and his motives are still unknown.

He's quite flirty, and likes teasing others. Mystery is nice to almost everyone, however he doesn't seem to get along with Hibiki in particular, usually pranking her with sentence endings or arguing with her. Overall, he's a quite mysterious individual and it's unknown why he acts like this, hence his stage name.

Mystery is also quite perverted.

On stage, he acts like an average Cool idol, and it's implied he's a Top Idol in Pritaly. He is the idol who brought the new Cyalume Change, Cyalume Type, to Parajuku, along with the Secret Types.

Mystery is able to hide his feelings very well, and acts happy even if depressed. However, this really hurts him.

When speaking, Mystery often dramatically poses.

Significant Coords


  • Haruka Shirogane: They're a couple, and co-centers of Mystery5. Haruka instantly recognised Mystery, but never told him. Even before he acted as Hibiki, both really loved each other, and swore to stay together forever. Mystery is slightly overprotective with her, but Haruka claims he's actually pretty sweet and too shy to show it, masking it with lewd jokes.
  • Flower: Mystery's adoptive sister. They're usually seen together, and get along very well. Both deeply trust each other, and Mystery calls her a "partner in crime". They always agree on everything, and Hilulu believes they are a perfect duo. Flower usually scolds him when he's being lewd.
  • Hibiki Shikyoin: It's revealed Mystery took Hibiki's place ever since COLOR debuted, in order to save her from Tenshi Bokerdole's plan, which could have killed a normal human. However, Hibiki still finds this unforgivable and deeply dislikes him. As of Haruka's birthday, both try to get along better.

  • Shine Shiroumi: Shine dislikes Mystery, and tends to give him Warning Tickets for stupid reasons, such as "being a perverted fool".
  • ChibiHaru Bokerdole: Mystery considers Chibi one of his first friends, and really likes her as a person. Mystery likes to spend time with her, and it's implied Chibi is the first person to know his secret.
  • Lillie Nijiiro: One of Mystery's best friends in PriPara. Although he acts a little mysterious with her as well, he really cares about her.
  • Hanako Inoue: It's not clear whether Hanako wants him dead or is totally a fangirl. It is probably both.
  • Aki "Hilulu" Shikyoin: Hilulu doesn't really like Mystery's attitude, and would like to know what he's actually planning.
  • Falulu Vocaldoll: Both really respect each other, as idols and rivals. Mystery admits Falulu is a wonderful idol, and deeply admires her.
  • Fuwari Midorikaze: She's his unit's manager, and he really cares about her. He considers her his best friend.
  • Ginagi Sayonara: He likes to tease her.

Screenshot Gallery


  • His nickname is Mikkun. He doesn't mind.
    Mystery autograph

    Mystery's autograph.

  • According to his creator, he's had as many redesigns as Haruka. And Haruka had many redesigns.
  • He's a Jewel Holder, like COLOR.
  • The reason behind the gap between the Clock Dimension time and the human time is that the time goes faster in Clock, thus his real age would be unknown since he was in both worlds.
  • Even though he first appeared in May 2017, his first concept was made in around November 2015, however it was scrapped until March 2016.
  • There's a recurring gag where the speakers interrupt him whenever he is saying something important, always saying "PriPara pan pon! Mr. Mystery at PriPara Hills / the Headmistress' Office!".
  • Mystery is actually the 4th of five siblings, one of which is his "twin" sister.

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