Naha Bokerdole
Naha Bokderdole
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Personal Info
SpeciesVocal Doll
BirthdayJanuary 26
Hair ColorGreen
Eye ColorLight Green
Home PlacePriPara
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Blooming Blooming
Favorite Brand(s)Twinkle Ribbon
Idol TypeCute
Outside PriPara she has shorter blonde hair tied in pigtails and she is shorter. Inside PriPara she has very long green hair tied in pigtails and is taller.


She is forgetful and clumsy girl.She is very friendly and helpful.On her face,she always has a smile on it.


Remi Mamake:Remi guided her in PriPara because Naha just born when Remi go in to PriPara one day.Remi saw Naha and they became friends.Remi is the fourth member of Naha's Unit Star☆Melody.

Aria Hamuire: Aria is the first member of Naha's Unit Star☆Melody.

Hamire Harune:Hamire is the second member of Naha's Unit Star☆Melody.

Kokone Kurisu:Kokone is the last member of Star☆Melody.


Naha is a vocal doll but she can leave PriPara.

She is a social butterfly and she has a lot of friends.

Naha is Laala Manaka and SoLaMi SMiLe's fan.

Her brand is Twinkle Ribbon.

She looks like Laala a lot inside PriPara.

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