Naru Ayase
Kanji 彩瀬 なる
Romaji Ayase Naru
Personal Info
Hair ColorLight Pink
Eye ColorHazel
FamilyPoemu Ayase (Mother)

Ryuunosuke Ayase (Father)

Home PlaceHarajuku/Parajuku
First AppearanceEpisode 1 of PriPara
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Haato♥Iro♥Toridori mu
Favorite Brand(s)Pretty Rhythm
Idol TypeLovely

Naru (なる) is a Lovely-type idol who uses the brand Pretty Rhythm. She is used by Hanako Inoue. Naru came to PriPara and started the unit Saints, even though they're now disbanded. Naru wants to meet Rinne again.


Naru has got short pastel pink colored hair and chocolate-honey colored eyes.

In the Movie King of Prism her hair grew a lot but apart from that she doesn't change at all. Maybe her face is more mature.


Naru is clumsy, air-headed and funny. She actually misses Prism Stone a lot. She has a Happy-Naru personality

Significant Coords

Casual: Happy Rain ♪ Cute Sailor Coord

Cyalume: Lovely Brilliant Style Seventh Coord

Other: Paradise Coord


  • Rinne: In PRRL, they were best friends but Rinne had to return to the Prism World and she forgot about Naru and her friends. Naru wants to meet Rinne again.
  • Aira Harune: They are part of the unit Saints together.
  • Mia Ageha: They are part of the unit Saints together.
  • Ann Fukuhara: She was in the unit Happy Rain with her and Ito, before Saints.
  • Ito Suzuno: She was another member of her unit "Happy Rain" with Ann.
  • Bell Renjouji: She made a duo-unit with her for the Winter White Session, they won the 2nd place.

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