Pandora Hearts (パンドラハーツ) is a mysterious brand surrounded by a lot of enigmas created at Promania at S. XVII. This brand is based on principally on Aristocratic-Gothic clothes of s. XVII at Europe. It's User:Xesc13primero's original brand.


The only knowledge about this brand it's that it was created at S. XVII at Promania. Other information is still unknown.


Main Users

Unit Users


Seto Vessalius

All the coords you will see in thie part are coords used by Seto Vessalius.


Here you will find Moffun's Coords


H✰ppiness B♡uquet 

Here are the coords used by Happiness Bouquet.

H✰ppiness B♡uquet Deuxe

Here you will find Happiness Bouquet Deluxe coords.


Here you will find the Coords used by PENTAGRAM members.

Other Units

Here you will find the Coords of others units

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