Kanji {{{katakana}}}
Romaji ParaHiru
Personal Info
SpeciesVocal Doll (not human, unlike Haruka Shirogane)
Hair ColorLight blue
Eye ColorGreen
FamilyHibiki Shikyoin (parallel) - brother

Hibiki Shikyoin, Hilulu Shikyoin (this world) - sisters?

Home PlaceGirls' Dorm
First AppearanceEpisode 225 - "Please... Save Him"
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)nth Color
Favorite Brand(s)Princess Heart
Idol TypeCeleb

ParaHilu is a parallel version of Hilulu who comes from the same world as ParaHaru. She's a Celeb-type idol who uses the brand Princess Heart.

She is even stronger than the actual Hilulu, having a legendary Prism Voice not even she knows about. She possesses the Parallel Resound Ribbon.


Short, curly light blue hair and green eyes. ParaHilu blushes a lot and often looks like wanting to cry when she gets embarassed. She's a little shorter than Hilulu.

In the parallel world, she would always wear expensive Princess coords, but in her new world she wears regular coords like everyone.


ParaHilu is very shy but also well-mannered. She knows when it's time to be serious and is rarely seen smiling. She often cries and strives to become a Divine Idol to be loved by her "Niichan", a parallel Hibiki.

ParaHilu, like Hilulu before being accepted by Hibiki, hasn't got much confidence in herself and often thinks she better give up on being loved.

COLOR and the others are striving to make her become a Divine Idol.


Born in a parallel world where only boys can be idols (and where everyone is of the opposite gender (example, Laala is a boy, Reona is a girl)) as a Celeb Type Vocal Doll, ParaHilu was (unlike Hilulu) immediately accepted by a Parallel Hibiki who needed a fifth member for his team.

ParaHilu was pretty much spoiled a bit too much and was told by Hibiki no one would love her if she didn't become a Divine Idol and the Dream Parade princess with him.

When a parallel CelePara Opera was forming without her, ParaHilu became so angry with herself and decided to try her best. PriPara became CelePara and thus the major class idol Haruka Kurogane (ParaHaru) got mad because he wanted to perform so badly he could even kill Hibiki.

When ParaHaru went to the two, ParaHilu in panic phone-called a random number, not knowing she was actually talking to her parallel self. ParaHaru broke her phone and she had to flee with Hibiki.

As Hibiki actioned ParaHaru's space-traveling machine, ParaHilu jumped in with him but only she managed to get in the portal before the machine broke.

ParaHilu was found by COLOR's friends and now lives with Hilulu and Hibiki and is excited to finally debut.

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