Meganee: Let the interview begin!

Mirai: Gokigen'yo... Atashi wa Mirai Tojo! Yoroshikuonegaishimasu! :/

Meganee: Is everything alright?

Mirai: Ah, Hai (yes) ^^' Nandemonai desu(it's nothing) ^^'

Meganee: What do you think PriPara is?

Mirai: It's most precious place in Earth for me ;w; I used to be just a mindless killer without any idea how beautiful can be life with you friends… PriPara was a place where … Where my life begins… It's an amazing place that I'll always love. I'll never regret coming here ;w;

Meganee: Oh, I see... Why do you want to be ParaQueen?

Mirai: To bring the power of smiles to everyone! PriPara changed my life, so I'm sure, that it's change the world! I want everyone on our planet to be happy-happy ! Why? Because main power of idol is smile… Smile's mysterious power can change the world I'm sure :)

Meganee: Fans of friends?

Mirai: Hm, that's hard (smiles) Friends are really important ^^ I love all my friends no hope that I'll make even more friends in the future ^^ The biggest dream of idol is to have many fans, huh? I think I'll disagree ^^ I think … that all your fans are [somehow] your friends ^^ Maybe that's strange but I think so

Meganee: Hm, Fans are friends? Interesting… ParaQueen is like Prism Queen. Do you think you can win?

Mirai: I don't think that I can win… I don't shine as much as Sakura-tan or Mizuki-tan or Haruka-tan… But I still believe in power of smile… This is my most powerful weapon atm (laughs) Funny, isn't it ^^ If I willn't win, I wish that winner will keep the Idols' dreams in her heart and will make everyone smile again and again ^^

Meganee: Power of smile should work! ^^ Can you tell us more about yourself?

Mirai: Gotcha! I'm a stupid shinigami who came to earth for the work. After I finished all my duties and was going to open the portal, I saw some girls talking about PriPara. I thought 'What this that 'PriPara'?' I came after them and saw Prism Stone. It was really pretty! Than I came into PriPara … It was … it was … *cries* so nice and sparkly and awesome *sniff* than I met an amazing person named Haruka Bokerdole ;w; she told me about PriPara Idol academy and I decided to join ~.~ some time passed since I joined Academy… I met lots of new people and made lots of friends, I even become a Student Consul Member! *starts to cry again* Thank you… everyone… All my friends … Haruka, Mizuki, Shion, Falulu , Sakura, Yuki… You all are Precious friends for me ;w;

Meganee: What a touching story! Now, can you perform for us?

Mirai: Sure! *goes to the stage*


Kako wa mirai to ikiteyuku, Ima

Prism Live!
(Mirai jupms and catches a gitar)

Utsumuku shisen no mukou
Kotoba wa toki ni muryoku
Number 1:Cool Splash!
"Kokoro wo nakusanaide"
Inori wa todoku no kana?
Number 2:Angel Kiss

Nee Hitotsu (futatsu)
Mieru (yureru)
Number 3:Sparkling! Future Star!
Kokoro (Kokyuu)
in your eyes (in your eyes)
Number 4:Pure Pure Arrow
in your mind
yourself Kikoeru?
Number 5:Lovely Rainbow

Kono koe kono kokoro
Te to te ni
Number 6:Bloom Blooming Love Flowers
Nozomu mono ga aru to suru nara
Ato sukoshi sekai wo misete
Number 7:Platinum Spiral
Hikari wo misete
Sou Karamaru unmei no sono saki
Number 8:Glittering Turntable
Subete wo ukeirete kuretara
Kako wo mirai to ikiteyuku ima
Number 9: The Declaration of an Eternal Valkyrie Heart
Yami wo Kage wo Tojite

Hanabira maichiru you ni
 Kioku wa kaze ni fukare
Number 10:Onegai!Cinderella!!(something similar to Lovely Flower Cinderella)
Futatsu no rekishi no naka
Kawaranai mono wa hitotsu
Number 11:Aurora Rising Dream!
Making Drama, Switch On!!!

Ima Hajimaru, Future Style!(All characters jump on a train that rides everyone to Rainbow World(A place in NegSeka) they climb the mountain here and set a "PriPara Idol Academy" Flag(well something similar to The Declaration of an Eternal Valkyrie Heart)

Nee Tsuyoku (tsuyoku)
Omou (negau)
Dare no (tame ni?)
Todoketai! Tick Tock Flower!
in your eyes (in your eyes)
in your mind
yourself Kasaneru

Lovely Flower Cinderella!

Tatoeba itami wo seou to shite mo
Jibun de eranda KOTO dakara
Aoku takaku kono karada ni kizande miseru
Remember! Tomorrow's Memory!
Sou Anata no mirai wo negau dake de
Watashi massugu arukeru kara
Subete wo nakushite mo mamoritai yo

We are PriPara!
Ashita no katachi wo shiritai
Kowarenai mono wo shiritai

Frozen Castle Mirage!

Kono koe kono kokoro
Te to te ni
Nozomu mono ga aru to suru nara
Ato sukoshi sekai wo misete
Kimi No Shiranai Monogatari!(The Story that Ypu don't Know!)(The story of Mirai's and Mikami's picture album, if anyone wanna see I'll give you a short manga)
Hikari wo misete
Sou Karamaru unmei no sono saki
Subete wo ukeirete kuretara
Kako wa mirai to ikiteyuku Ima
Cyalume Change!!
Tatoeba itami wo seou to shite mo
Jibun de eranda KOTO dakara
Aoku takaku
Kono karada ni kizande miseru
Sou anata no mirai wo negau dake de
Watashi massugu arukeru kara
Subete wo nakushite mo mamoritai

Prism Act:Symphonia Wish!
Mirai sees the gate to Symphnia. (thinking)Maybe if I'll enter it…; She opens the gate and enters it.
But when she enters it, she gets teleported back to stage
Mirai: What…
Mirai notices that she separated bodies with Mary
Audience : Wooow
Mirai: We're sorry about the unknown events happened here but I hope you liked my live!
Audience: Of course!!
Mirai: Thank you, everyone!!

Yami wo Tojite
Kage wo Keshite
Sora no hikari Koete(lines during the Prism Act)

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