Paradise Amethyst Coord is a recolor of the Paradise Coord worn by Mirai Tojo as her unit coord for Prism Heart. This coord is a premium type coord from the brand Rainbow Diva.




A white top with folds in the fabric and two rows of glittering lilac bows, the top larger than the bottom. The white band around the navel has a single, large lilac bow sewn to the middle. The skirt is in four ruffled layers alternating between white and lilac with a white, split peplum on top, hemmed with a lilac pearl chain. Comes with white opera gloves with lilac ribbon wrapped around them. The white collar has several lilac pearls adorning it.


Tall white boots with lilac pearls lining the bottom of the foot. Lilac ribbon wraps around the leg and in the middle of the white pleated cuff.


A large white hair ribbon with lilac pearls sewn in the middle. On each side are three lilac stars, each held by a pearl.


Paradise Amethyst Coord
Paradise Amethyst Dress Paradise Amethyst Shoes Paradise Amethyst Ribbon
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