This set is designed by Hanako Inoue, and it's a collection of Cyalume Coords from the brand Princess Heart.

All the coords (except the original Paradise Coord, which is Premium) are Celeb Typed and are upgradable Cyalume Coords.


Resound Ribbon + Paradise Coord = Paradise DELUXE Red, Blue, Yellow 

Fantasy Ribbon + Paradise Coord = Paradise STAR Black, White


Frilly dress with ribbons and bows to accent it, along with five layered skirts. Each Dress has a color theme, symbol, and name of the Idols its based on.

White includes circles and is themed after Falulu. Black features the same theme but with hanako's name. Red features hearts with Otoha and Haruka written on it. Yellow has a crown symbol with Hilulu's name. The last dress, blue, features a sparkle symbol and Hibiki's name.



Paradise Colorful Coord Set STAR
Paradise STAR White Dress Paradise STAR Black Dress
Paradise Star White Coord
Paradise Star Black Coord


Paradise Colorful Coord Set DELUXE
Paradise DELUXE Red Dress Paradise DELUXE Yellow Dress Paradise DELUXE Blue Dress
Paradise Deluxe Red Coord
Paradise Deluxe Yellow Coord
Paradise Deluxe Blue Coord


  • This is the first coord whose program was changed by a character.
  • To make the Paradise Coord upgradable, Hanako had to edit the program and add in the data for the new five coords. It is unknown why the Yellow/Red/Blue STAR files and the White/Black DELUXE files don't work.
  • Hanako and Hibiki had one of their usual fights regarding Hibiki's coord being too girly, but she soon gave up on that and accepted the coord.

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