Paradise Sky Coord is a recolor of the Paradise Coord worn by Sakura Mizuki Harlaown as her unit coord for Prism Heart. It is a premium type coord from the brand Rainbow Diva.




A white dress composed of a ruffled torso adorned with two layers of ice-blue bows, the top row appearing bigger than the bottom. Around the stomach is a plain waistband with a light blue bow on it. The skirt is in five layers, with the top a split puffed layer with pale blue pearls sewn along the hem. The four skirts beneath it are pleat, with the first and third a gradient of sky blue, ice, and white. The second and fourth skirt are white. Comes with white opera gloves with ice to white gradient ribbon wrapped around them, along with a white collar with ice pearl accent.


Thin white boots with ice-blue ribbon wrapped around the leg. The ribbon fades to white. An ice-blue strip wraps around the ruffled cuff.


A white star with ice-blue gradient. At each point rests a pearl.


Paradise Sky Coord
Paradise Sky Dress Paradise Sky Shoes Paradise Sky Star Accessory
Sakura ParaCoord
Sakura ParaCoord Shoes
Sakura ParaCoord Accessory

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