Paradise Sunny Coord is a recolor of the Paradise Coord worn by Haruka Bokerdole as her unit coord for Prism Heart. It is a premium type coord from the brand Rainbow Diva




A white dress with a ruffled top adorned with two layers of yellow bows, one row bigger than the other, and a gold bow sewn to the center of the stomach. The skirt is in five layers, with the top a puffed two section with its hem lined with pearls. The four layers beneath it are pleat with the top and third yellow, while the second and fourth are white. Comes with white opera gloves with yellow ribbon wrapped around it, as well as a white lace collar with yellow pearls accenting it.


White boots with a row of pearls lining the bottom of the foot. Wrapped around the leg are vibrant yellow ribbon to match the strip circling the ruffled cuff.


A pale yellow bow with three gem stars on each side to accent the nine yellow pearls sewn to the center.


Paradise Sunny Coord
Paradise Sunny Dress Paradise Sunny Shoes Paradise Sunny Ribbon
Haruka ParaCoord
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