Passionate Cyalume Charm Coord is a premium cyalume charm coord and is Kotomi Midori's unit cyalume coord for Hanabi. It is from the brand Angel Moonrise.



A glittering orange dress. Around the stomach is a band of silver connected to a crown shape that covers the chest, adorned with several small gems and a single large ruby gem heart. On the back are pastel orange wings with silver designs and lining of pale cream and dark orange. The skirt is in four layers, each lined in silver with four layers of white beneath them. In the center is bunched material folded together, along with a pale section with beads forming a flower shape, followed by a pleat section with silver tulle trim. On each hip rests a peach bow with silver frills. On the back is a large wing-shaped ribbon of peach sewn together with a glittering vibrant orange ribbon. Comes with long white gloves sewn to puffed sleeves resting beneath the shoulder. A silver choker reminiscent of a crown is worn on the neck with orange gems adorning it.


Pale cream shoes with a white and pink decorative platform sole to match the frills lining the foot insert. Decorating the front of the foot are two soft red ribbon and a butterfly. Comes with peach glittering tights with an orange ribbon wrapped around a white lace cuff above the right knee.


Passionate Cyalume Charm Coord
Passionate Cyalume Charm Dress Passionate Cyalume Charm Shoes

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