Kanji ピーチ☆バレイ
Romaji Piichi Barei
Members Momo Shiratama


Leader Momo Shiratama
Type Pop
Manager Momo Shiratama
Status Active
Peach☆Valley (ピーチ☆バレイ, Piichi Barei) is a temporary unit featuring Peri and Momo Shiratama.


Momo and Peri were playing video games at Peri's house. As they joined together in battle, Peri was curious on how Momo could manage killing enemies and singing at a concert, so she asked Momo if they can form a unit together for as long as she wants. Momo accepted the offer, and Peach☆Valley was born. At that moment, Peri found her first PriTicket underneath her pillow. Unfortunately, Peri isn't the best at singing, but instead of her kicking her out of the unit, Momo decided to get her voice autotuned to make her voice sound better while singing. During their concert, while their song is playing, whenever Peri's part came on, she just mouthed the words while the speaker plays her autotuned voice.

Unit name

Peach☆Valley takes the word "Peach" from Momo's name, as it can easily be misread as "peach" when her name is actually the kanji for one hundred.


Ai wo Kudasai

Kanji: アイをください

Romaji: Ai wo Kudasai

Center: Momo Shiratama

Ame Furi Tenki wo GET AWAY!

Kanji: あめふり天気をGET AWAY!

Romaji: Ame Furi Tenki wo GET AWAY!

Center: Peri


  • This is the second unit GanbareHannahChan created. The first being Akahanamo♪.
  • This is the first unit that uses a canon character from Fire Emblem Fates.

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