Pink Diamond Revolution ~Princess Heart is a Making Drama that can be activated by using Diamond Princess coords. There is another version used by Hilulu Shikyoin, Sapphire Revolution ~Falling Stars, which is a remake of Hibiki's Making Drama.

The only user if this Making Drama is Haruka Shirogane, but if you want to use a coord from Diamond Princess you can use it.


Haruka is sitting in a field full of bright pink and white flowers. Haruka grabs a pink rose and gently throws it in the wind as the rose becomes many white and pink sparkles."I will bring you happiness!"The sparkles start flowing in the air covering the background. After the sparkles fade, the scene changes to Haruka in a castle room in front of a mosaic with herself in many flowers on it. In the room there are two pink crystal hearts that resemble big Cyalume Jewels."Pink Diamond Revolution! Princess Heart!"

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