PP Colorful time
PriPara: Colorful Time! (プリ♥パラ colorful time!) or PPCT is a roleplay series written by Hanako Inoue featuring as main characters her unit COLOR.

It has no basic plotline, as it mostly is about unit activities and such, unlike Prism Chronicles.

The most common scenery are the school grounds.



  • Haruka Shirogane
  • Hilulu Shikyoin (Nagareboshi Bokerdole)
  • Hibiki Shikyoin
  • Falulu Bokerdole
  • Hanako Inoue


  • Nijiru
  • Lalulu Kamidole
  • Naru Ayase
  • Chika Shirogane
  • Haruka Kurogane "ParaHaru" 
  • Milulu Bokerdole 


  • Hisoka Hisakawa
  • Ko Shirogane
  • Masumi Shirogane


  • Otoha Shirogane (not to be confused with Otoha from PRRL)

Planned and Confirmed Locations

  • PriPara Idol Academy school grounds
    • COLOR dressing room
    • Dorms
      • Haruka and Milulu's room
      • Hilulu and Hibiki's room
      • Lalulu's room
      • Nijiru's room
    • Basement
      • HaruPara
      • Hanako's room
  • PriPara Hills
    • Falulu's room
  • PriPara Beach
  • PriPark


  • 1: I want some Happy Time After rewatching Dressing Flower's performance, Haruka feels like she wants to play again like when she and Hibiki were kids and have a "bold summer adventure". She then bursts outside the dressing room and followed by everyone opens the "Adventure Club"!

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