PriPara Idol Song Collection by Prism Force is a solo album collection by the members of Prism Force. They are each in individual albums, according to the singer.


Sumire Hanasaki ~ Lime Green Garden

Lime Green Gardener

Lime Green Garden


Akane Urawa ~ Scarlet Train Station

Scarlet Train Station

Scarlet Train Station

  • SWEET&Scarlet
  • The Nextation
  • AKA~aka~NE~ne
  • Bright Fantasy ~Akane ver~
  • lucky train ~Akane ver~
  • Message From Akane
  • SWEET&Scarlet ~instrumental~
  • The Nextation ~instrumental~
  • AKA~aka~NE~ne ~instrumental~

Ichigo Amanogawa ~ Pink Extreme Classroom


Mikan Shiratama ~ Cyan Glory Heaven

  • purely smiley
  • Angel's Flower ~Mikan ver~
  • Tenshi Glory
  • Reversible Ring ~Mikan ver~
  • Bright Fantasy ~Mikan ver~
  • Message from Mikan
  • Tenshi Glory ~instrumental~

Klara Bokerdole ~ Fuschia Marionette Palace

Sango Yagichi ~ White Milky Farm

Yurika Hanasaki ~ Violet Elegant Field

  • Lily Of Legend
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • Light Pink Day Tripper ~Yurika ver.~
  • Message From Yurika
  • Liliy Of Legend ~instrumental~
  • TBA
  • TBA

Ann Fukuhara ~ Blue Sweet Shope

Layla Kaguya ~ Viridian Night Sky

Miele Migizuki ~ Magenta Supreme Palace

Yayoi Kikugakki ~ Yellow Secret Spy

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