PriPara Idol Songs♪ Collection by Minami Aizawa (プリパラ アイドルソングコレクションby相沢 南PriPara Idol Songs♪ Collection by Minami Aizawa?) is the album sang by Minami Aizawa for her debut collection . It was released on Febuary 29th, 2016.


  1. Make It (Minami Ver.)
  2. Shooting Star
  3. Eat-Sleep-and-PRIPARA!
  4. Make It (Instrumental)
  5. Shooting Star (Instrumental)
  6. Eat-Sleep-and-PRIPARA! (Instrumental)
  7. Message 1 : Thank You!
  8. Message 2 : I am Aizawa Minami!
  9. Bonus Track : Minami making funny noises


  • In the album cover, Minami is wearing the Cotton Candy Star Coord
  • In the album cover, Minami's new mascot, Rinx can be seen
  • Although her debut date is still unsure, she already has an album that she recorded every song by herself

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